5 Tips for Choosing your DJ!

1.) Email/call 1-3 DJ that you are interested in hiring?

Supply them with the basic info:

  1. When is the event
  2. Location of the event
  3. Theme of your event
  4. Approximate size of the event.

2.) Schedule a meeting with the potential DJ and invite your parent(s) to attend.  Be sure

3.) Prepare a list of questions:

Sample Questions:

  1. Do you like teen music?
  2. Do you take requests:
  3. Do you use online planning tools?
  4. Do you MC the event or just play music?
    1. Grand Entrance
    2. Father/Daughter Dance
    3. Candle Lighting.
  1. Do you beat mix?
    1. What is the different between a song you hear on the radio and a song at a teen dance. ( Radio songs are 3 minutes long, most teen dance songs are only 90 seconds)
  1. Can you supply us with a certificate of insurance?
  2. Do you have the clean edits?
  3. My theme is ___________________________, how can you help enhance the theme?
  4. Can you offer any suggestions for other venders?
  5. Do you offer one package or is there options?

4. Sign the agreement and pay the initial investment.

  1. Obtain a copy of the agreement
  2. Ask for an invoice reflecting the initial investment and the balance due.

5.   Schedule a site visit of the venue.

  1. Schedule a time to visit the site.
  2. Discuss floor plan
  3. Remember you want your DJ in front of the Dance Floor

If you need any help or have any questions please email me at jstafford@phoenixsweet16dj.com