Candle Lighting Ceremony

A Sweet 16 Candle Lighting Ceremony is a short event in which the birthday girl is given the opportunity to express gratitude to those have helped her.

What is a Candle Lighting Ceremony?

A candle lighting ceremony is where a teen names 16 different people who have an inspiration to her.  These are important people to the birthday girl.  Each time the birthday girl lights a candle, she names the person and says a quick reason why.  It usually ends up a being a mix of family and friends.  

Tips:  Sweet16 – Candle Lighting Ceremony

This event is very meaningful for girls, but it can be difficult to come up with all 16 people.  So try a couple of tips:

1.  Start early!   Do not wait till the last minute

2.  Get 16 notecards and number them 1 -16

3.  Write on the front of the card the name of the person 

4.  Write on the back 1-2 sentences about what you appreciate about them.

5.  Start with your family and then move to family friends and finally friends. 

6.  If you forget to name a person at your party, write a short thank you note and mail it to them.