Food and Decorations!

Food is important for any event, especially a Sweet16.   Some families choose a full sit down meal; others choose to serve finger foods and appetizers.

When choosing the appetizer option, you can give your guests to eat when they feel hungry.  The appetizer option will traditionally have a lower price point and free up space by not requiring a table for your entire group to sit down at the same time.  I recommend having Cocktail tables, which give the young guests an opportunity to sit down when they want too.  Also, you can decorate the cocktail table to give a sense of elegance.

  • Cover the Cocktail table with a white cloth
  • Place a battery-powered light under the table to create an amazing effect.
  • Place a centerpiece on the table and pin spot it with a battery-powered light.

The sit-down dinner option allows you to feed your guests before the all the festivities begin.   By decorating each table with a centerpiece, you can connect the dinner to the theme.  It is essential to have the guests RSVP if you give them an option for dinner. (Chicken or Vegetarian) 

  • Remember to add at least an hour for dinner.
  • Create way a fun way to inform your guests their assigned seats