Sweet16 Theme Ideas

Themes: Setting the Tone Correctly!

A theme sets the tone for the entire party and gives directions to both you and to the guests.  For some guests this may be their first party and no one wants to be the one guest who did not get the message.  Having a theme will give them direction when it comes to the party.

Choosing a Theme:

Select whether it is Formal or informal

  • It must be fun!
  • You need to get excited about the theme.
  • It should reflect your personality.
    • If you hate dressing up, don’t pick a formal event.

Theme Ideas

A Great theme can transform your Sweet16, teen event,.  When planning your event it is important to choose a formal theme.  Encourage everyone to dress up.   Here a couple of my favorites:

Masquerade Event: Encourage all your guests to dress to kill and encourage them to wear a mask.  In additional include a station where they can decorate their masks or face painting booth where they can have their own customized mask painted on their face.

Ice Palace: A fun formal event during winter.  Where the inspiration comes from Elsa in the movie frozen.  Dry Ice and up lights can create an amazing Ice theme. When the guest of honor arrives have enter the room walking on a dry ice cloud.

Fire:  who does not love Fire!   This is an event which takes place outside.  Tickle Torches outline the dance Floor. Bring colors of red and orange are used to illuminate the area.  And add colored fog machines, which create the illusion of fire. When you have a candle lighting ceremony instead of lighting candles, light 16 mini fires.

OLD School Club:  Create an amazing club for a fun old school feel.  Use Black lights and flat screens to create an amazing club feel.  To add an old school feels add a graffiti wall, centerpieces which pop under black lights.  Your guests will love the slide show of the event and add a live video feed camera to hype up the crowd.

An Adaption of this is to include offer face painting in lieu of wearing a mask.  It is essential to hire a professional for your formal event.

Black & White Party:  A formal event where the guests all wear either Black and White.  This is a great package with up lighting which includes UV and when the dancing begins the DJ turns on the Black Lights to give it a great pop!

Jeans/White T-Shirt:  This is the informal version of the Black & White Party.  Beginning with Black Lights you create an amazing ambiance.  All the guests arrive in Jeans and Thick White T Shirts.  Decorations can include a “Old School Graffiti  Wall!”

Movie Theme:  Transform your guests to a scene of your favorite movie.  Choose a scene from your favorite movie and recreate it.  Remember this is not about recreating the entire movie; it’s only a scene.

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