5 Questions you need to answer before calling a vendor!

  1. What is your theme: Choose a theme, which reflects your dream of your Sweet 16.  Do you want club style?  Elegant? Scene from the movie?

Sweet 16 are naturally formal events.

  1. What type of Sweet 16 do you want? Intimate, large, or insane?  In other words how many people are you going to invite.  Is this a group of just 10-20 of your close friends.  Or is it a group of multiple spot teams. (Cheerleading, Gymnastics, dance, volleyball, soccer, etc…)   Or are you just inviting your whole class. (Don’t laugh, I’ve seen it)
  1. Dinner: Do you want a formal dinner, a buffet, or just appetizers?  I believe the best choice is appetizers for a Sweet 16.  The idea timeline is 4 hours and this works great with an appetizer menu!  J
  1. Timeline: Create a very rough timeline.  Traditional 4 hours is a great window.  Items to consider:  Welcome of Guests ( 30 Minutes) Candle Lighting (30 Minutes) Eating (30 Minutes)

Generic TimeLine:

6:30pm – 7:00pm Guests Arrive
7:00pm – 7:05pm Grand Entrance
7:05- 7:20pm  Great Guests
7:25pm – 9:00pm  Dancing
9:00pm – 9:05pm  Parent Speeches
9:05pm – 9:10pm  Father/Daughter Dance
9:10pm – 9:30pm   Candle Lighting
9:30pm – 10:00pm  Dancing
10:00pm – 10:05pm Last Song

  1. What is the Date of your event? And what is an alternative date?   Are there any conflicts with your school, your friends school and/or club?

First Name: _______________________________ Last Name: __________________________

Birthday: ______/_______/__________        1st Choice ___________   2nd Choice __________

Theme: ___________________________________ Size of Party: Intimate| Large | Insane

Dinner:   Buffett | Appetizers |   Sit-down Dinner|    Candy Bar|

Timeline:  Setup: ___________Star: _____________  End: _____________Clean up __________

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