Welcoming & Affirmation

Guests arrive and while they are waiting for the guest of honor they have the opportunity to write a short affirmation to the Birthday Girl.  This is a short, couple of words or phrases.  There are many different ways to do this.  Here is a couple:

Chalkboard Affirmation:  Create a Framed chalkboard and give the guests chalk ink.  The guests create a color collage of affirmations for your daughter.

Adaption:  Instead of large Framed Chalkboard, instead give them small Chalkboard Tags!  Each person writes one or two words on the tags and places it on a board. 

Hope Bowl:  Buy a large Fishbowl, small pieces of papers and pens.  Each guest writes a couple of words of hope they have for your daughter. 

Graffiti Wall!  With Boucher paper create a large Wall.  Guests will write messages/ hopes/ dreams for your daughter.  If you choose the Blacklight package, use highlighter pens and it will pop under the black lights.