Theme: Set the Mood Right!

My uncle is an amazing architect, and he loves to share the new blueprints he has designed. He would explain that when beginning the building process, the Blue Prints give you direction.  Similar to Blue Prints, the theme for Sweet16 gives you direction.  The theme  will help you when you have to make major decisions.  The theme gives you focus and allow other people to understand the direction of your event better.

The Venue needs to fit the size of group!

Do you want a crazy Rock Star Party with a 100-200 of your closest friends, or are you thinking of an intimate small group of 40-50 close friends.  Search for a Venue, which can hold the size of group you, will invite. Too small of a room you will end up with Fire code violations and a worried parent. 

Too Large of a room, people will wonder why so few showed up.

For your convenience here is the list of the different size of groups:

What is the Size of the Party:

  • Intimate:                                Small             (>50) 
  • Fun Size:                               Medium                   (51- 99)
  • Rock Star Party:                  Large                          (100-199)
  • Insane                                    Extra-Large              (200 +)


  • What is the capacity of the Hall?
  • Am I required to use their preferred Vendor list?
    • Is there a Kitchen on site?
    • What are the requirements for outside venders
  • When can I begin setting up?
  • What time can my venders arrive?
  • How late can we go?
  • Is security included and/or required?

Themes: Setting the Tone Correctly!

A theme sets the tone for the entire party and gives directions to both you and to the guests.  For some guests this may be their first party and no one wants to be the one guest who did not get the message.  Having a theme will give them direction when it comes to the party.

Choosing a Theme:

  • Select whether it is Formal or informal
  • It must be fun!
  • You need to get excited about the theme.
  • It should reflect your personality.

If you hate dressing up, don’t pick a formal event