Traditional Formalities

Traditional Formalities transform an ordinary teen party into a celebration of a teen’s moment of transition. It uses moments of affirmation and gratitude to create a lasting memory, which your daughter will cherish long beyond the party.  It has three main components: Pre-Guest of Honor Affirmation, Grand Entrance,  Father/Daughter Dance, and candle lighting.  Each component flows into the other, which creates an experience the she will remember long beyond the party.

Pre-event Affirmation- While the guests arrive and before the guest of honor does, the guests are given opportunity to write positive notes to the guest of honor.  This can be done by a placing wishes in a fish bowl or writing it on a chalk board.  Check out pinterest for more creative ideas.

The Grand Entrance:  If you need to make an entrance, make it large one.  When the guest of honor enters she is great by her friends and family members.  A Paparazzi entrance is fun.  This is also a great time to share some quick details and facts about the Guest of Honor.

Father/Daughter Dance:  The teen years have struggles, and it is important to have opportunities for a father and daughter to dance together.  I recommend more than a slow dance.  Create a moment that your guests will remember.  I recommend talking to a choreographer about creating a moment that you will cherish.

Candle Lighting.: This is a great transition into showing gratitude.  The girl lights 16 different candles, which represent 16 different people who have helped her, been an inspiration to her.

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