Sweet 16 DJ: What is the difference!

When choosing a DJ it is important to find a DJ who specializes in teen events.  It is not just someone who plays music.  So here is cheat sheet so you can find a true Teen Event DJ!

  1. A Teen DJ can hype up the crowd, through a game, shout outs, Music, and empowerment!
  1. Teen Dance mix is short! Most wedding DJ or music you hear on the radio is 3 minutes long.  A good teen dance DJ will play a song for 90 seconds or less.
  1. A good teen DJ will understand there are different types of music for a teen event:
    1. Mosh Pit Songs: Fist Pumping
      1. Turn Down for what!
    2. Sing Alongs
      1. All Star- SmashMouth.
    3. Line Dances
      1. Cha Cha Slide
      2. Cupid Shuffle
      3. Nae – Nae
    4. Old School Hits
      1. Usher – Yeah
      2. In Da Club – 50 Cent
      3. Get Low – lil Jon
    5. Girl Power Songs!
      1. Stronger – Katy Clarkson
      2. Single Ladies – Beyonce
    6. A Good Teen Dance DJ will also serve as your Master of Ceremony which may include:
      1. Grand Entrance
      2. Father/Daughter Dance
      3. Candle Lighting Ceremony






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